Auctioneer George Plot

George & Marco are attending their 1st-ever auction in the city. The Man has to explain to George that in an auction you don't buy the items, you bid on them. And the person with the highest bid at the end wins the item. George has been given a $1 to bid on whatever he wants & he winds up bidding on & winning a pair of red mittens. Unfortunately, George later finds out that the mittens cost $100 not $1. Without the money to pay for the mittens, he has to re-auction them. Nobody at the auction seems to want the mittens but George remembers that Mr. Glass had his eyes on the same mittens.

Sock Monkey Opera Plot

George, the Man, Aunt Margret, & Steve are going to see 1 of Betsy's favorite operas, Hansel & Gretel, but Betsy has to stay home because she has the chickenpox. When George sees the opera, he really enjoys it & feels sorry for Betsy having missed it. So, since he had gotten a copy of the music from the opera, he decides to recreate it for Betsy. He soon finds out he has trouble playing all the parts, so he decides to make sock puppets of all the characters & draw the scenery. Now all George has to do's find a way to control the scenery as well as the characters.


Auctioneer George Gallery

Sock Monkey Opera Gallery

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