All-New Hundley Plot

George's pretty mad at Hundley who will simply not let him play in the lobby & wishes Hundley could be more like him. One day though, he notices that Hundley's barking loudly & acting bouncy & playful, much to his wish! He then notices that Hundley seems to go back & forth between acting bouncy & playful, & acting like his normal self. Realizing that something isn't normal about Hundley's split personality, he tries to figure out what's going on.

All-New Hundley Gallery

Signs Up Plot

George & The Man run into Steve at the local movie theater taking down signs for the old movies, which the manager lets him have. Steve tells George that he collects all of the posters which makes George want a collection of his own of sorts. When he sees a guy taking down a sign, he decides to collect various signs from around the city. So he goes around the city taking every sign from the park, zoo, & science museum. When he goes back out to look for more, he notices the park in chaos. Realizing that it's because the signs are gone, he decides to put them back. George puts back all of the signs but doesn't put them in their original places causing more chaos. The Man then tells George that each sign has a meaning & they're not just for decoration.

Signs Up Gallery

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