A Buddy Like You is a special song about Ted's special chimpanzee friend/ monkey son like George and his mischievous adventures that he ever had since 18 years ever since he first ever met George in Africa, saving the Bloomsberry Museum, making new friends and having adventures.

This song was for Curious George 4: A Birthday Rescue and was inspired from Curious George Live (2010 Broadway production).

Sung by Ted Shackleford (The Man in the Yellow Hat). Vocals by Jeff Bennett.
Curious George 4- Ted hugging George 1


You think of others first, you loved beyond compare.

You take time to care all with the greatest star attentions.

And those same things don't always go the way you plan them too.
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Everybody can be lucky to have a buddy like you.

You like to help yours friends, you lead a friendly hand.

You tried to understand what everybody else's feelings.

And all the times you see the world from the different point of you.

Everybody can be lucky to have a Buddy like you.

A buddy, companion, a monkey son and a chump, I can't think of a better thing to grow up to become.

If only everyone would open up your heart, such kindness, self-in-charge.

Just think could I imagine.

I know I will never be alone. even we don't get along.

But I remembered the past with you, even after 18 years,

I know I'm so lucky!

To a friend. A Buddy like you....

original song writer: David Goldsmith

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