Candy Counter Plot

George has gone to Mabel's Department Store where they find that a girl named Cayley has opened up a new candy counter. George notices that all of her candies are unique, each in a different shape & color After Cayley has to run out to buy more ingredients she leaves George in charge of the counter. George's trying to examine the different types of candies when he knocks over all of the candy displays & must now find a way to count all of the candy & re-stack it.

Curious George, Rescue Monkey Plot

George's antics have caused him to become caught in some bars on his balcony. The Man With the Yellow Hat's forced to call Rescue Squad 86 to help him out. After saving him from his sticky situation George becomes curious as to how firefighters do their job & all of the tools they use. But it seems like every time George tries to help out in the station he only winds up causing trouble. Soon, though they get called to the museum where it seems Compass the Pigeon's stuck in a high place & it seems like only a certain monkey can help.


Running Gags

Candy Counter Gallery

Curious George, Rescue Monkey Gallery